Wickham Ave is a clothing company that promotes self-love, mental health, and positivity. The creator of Wickham Ave, Shaquandra Campbell, was born and raised in The Bronx, New York. She created the brand to help others and give back, focusing on those three things, while sharing a bit of her roots.

The company is named after the street that she grew up on.  It has significant meaning because that is the place where she shared many memories with friends and family as a child. Wickham Ave was and still is her safe space. It brings a sense of love, peace, and stability when needed.

Who we are: Wickham Ave is more than just clothes-we want you to feel good about yourself whether you wear them or not! We are here as a resource when you need.

Through a series of clothing lines with designs with messages like “I am enough” or “My lane is already paved”; Wickham Ave's goal is to create a community for those looking for positivity on their journey through life.